Lync Social Connector

Lync Social Connector

The Lync Social Connector scans incoming emails and identifies if the sender uses Lync and supports federation.

If the sender is not listed on the users contact list they will be prompted to add them.

Users will have the option to ignore a sender or entire company/domain.

The Lync Social Connector is an Outlook plugin that continually monitors incoming emails so as to allow users to quickly and easily discover who else is using Lync and to add them to their contact lists.

The application includes a tray icon (hidden by default). Installation & operation are simple:

– install the Lync Social Connector
– restart Outlook
– when you receive an email from someone who has Lync but isn’t on your contact list you will be asked if you want to add them with the options: Yes / No / Ignore User / Ignore Domain
– if you want to stop ignoring a user or domain then right click on the tray icon and select the removal options

The Lync Social Connector  is a free utility available for download here.